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Safe In Our World is a gaming industry-focused charity that provides support for game developers and has launched a new campaign to promote mental health among game development studios and other companies within the gaming space.

“Safe In Our World is challenging all companies within the video games industry to unite and commit to change. The worlds we create are a refuge for many, but we must consider our teams and the impact our industry has on their lives. We’re asking the entire video games industry to #LevelUpMentalHealth within their workplaces, ensuring that the environment is safe and supportive for their team’s mental health at all times.” Official Statement

Along with this campaign are 2 unique features to better #LevelUpMentalHealth in the gaming industry.

Mental Health Toolkit

Safe in Our World has created a mental health toolkit for easier implementation of systems that make it easier for people with mental health issues.

This toolkit was co-produced by Rethink Mental Illness who are experts in the mental health field and provide support for people going through these issues with groups, special training, and other services.

They provide a sample short version here with the first few pages, but the full document is available for free on their website at

Training Courses

Not a lot is known about these courses other than their intention and the mediums we know we can access them from.

The training courses are for game companies to better understand, and assist those who deal with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

The courses will also be taught online and in-person, giving easy access to any company around the world.

For more information regarding these courses you should schedule one for your company on Safe in our world’s website.

In Closing

Safe in our world has created a campaign to challenge mental health in the working rooms of every game industry company, and it looks like they’re off to a good start by offering training courses and a free toolkit.

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