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The Real Impact of Gaming

We here at love creators of all shapes, sizes, and content types within gaming.

We love how so many people can be brought together under the banner of the game theorists, or the asylum, or so many other awesome communities creators have forged.

That is why its our pleasure to announce the Creator of the Month series where we go into why we love a certain creator within gaming.

Every month starting in July of 2020 we will feature someone who has brought people together through the power of gaming and entertainment or information based content.

We aim to highlight and showcase as many awesome creators out there as possible.

So if your a creator or a fan of one or two or twenty, and want to throw them our way, make sure to reach out to us at GamingMatters.Net/Contact or on our social media pages and let us know exactly who we should be looking at!

We look forward to sharing more creators and their stories with you starting in July.

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