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TikTok Creator Gives Away Items For Wins In Games

When you are scrolling through TikTok on a Sunday afternoon the last thing you’d think to expect is usually what ends up popping up into your feed. So I was very happy to see when a Twitch streamer and TikTok creator by the name of markclarkk had been giving away items such as a baseball […]

Oxford University Study Finds Gaming Helps Mental Health

It is so often that we hear from the news, our parents, our friends, or random strangers on the internet, that gaming does no good and only brings harm to our mental and physical well being. This Oxford University study is showing us that this is not the case! To briefly summarize the study (I […]

Gaming Matters Podcast #1: Raising $1,500 for Charity ft. Faxxius

In this episode, I talk to Faxxius the greek god of streaming about community building, and fundraising for charity regarding how he has made his impact on the world through gaming and his ability to keep an audience! You can find Faxxius at

PS5 and Xbox Series X Console Launches Ruined By Scalpers

In a sad display of poor character it is made obvious that the practice of buying products at full price and re-selling them at 100% or more times their market value has taken its toll on the launch of the next generation of gaming. What Is Happening? To put it bluntly, people acting in bad […]

1 Million Dollar Goal For Able Gamers on COO’s 40th Birthday

To commemorate and celebrate the 40th birthday of Steven Spohn (@stevenspohn), COO of Able Gamers, has decided to aim a lofty goal of 1 Million Dollars in support of the charity he helped build. What is Able Gamers? The Able Gamers Charity is an organization dedicated to bringing the best of gaming to everyone, specifically […]

Gaming Matters Podcast Launch!

Gaming Matters Podcast Launch

In this blog post, I will be detailing all the information you need to know regarding the Gaming Matters Podcast that is launching today! What Is This Podcast About? The Gaming Matters Podcast is a show about showcasing the impact gaming has had on people’s lives through the power of live interviews! Everyone in the […]