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Creator of the Month: Faxxius | August 2020

Creator of the Month Faxxius

[Mature Creator Warning] August 2020’s creator of the month is Faxxius! In the very first episode of our podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to Faxxius directly via interview, and it made me realize what kind of character lies beneath that toga. Who is Faxxius? For those unaware Faxxius is known as the […]

How Autism Made Me Appreciate Gaming More

Gaming to me is more than a tool to escape the world we live in. To me its a passion, something I can consistently find joy in and have formed lifelong friendships with people over. I was born on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed at 3 years old, and its made me appreciate gaming […]

Creator(s) Of The Month: ALL Mixer Streamers

As a former mixer creator, I understand the deep passion the community had for the underdog platform. The Mixer Family as it was called by many, was a special bond shared by those who had already been counted out by the larger streaming community. Creator of the Month So today I’d like to give back […]

Mixer Creators, Heres Some Helpful Advice

As someone who has been using various live streaming platforms over the last 7 years (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming), I can understand the pain many Mixer creators are going through right now. Things look bleak, starting over with a new platform, new rules to follow, new challenges to overcome. I’m here to […]

Announcing The Creator Of The Month

We here at love creators of all shapes, sizes, and content types within gaming. We love how so many people can be brought together under the banner of the game theorists, or the asylum, or so many other awesome communities creators have forged. That is why its our pleasure to announce the Creator of […]

Gaming Matters Podcast Trailer

Follow the podcast on your preferred platform, currently available on and Spotify! This is the trailer/introductory episode of the Gaming Matters podcast. The podcast will be a weekly show dedicated to showcasing the real impact gaming has had on the world through personal stories. Every week (starting soon) we will be showcasing a new […]

Safe In Our World Launches #LevelUpMentalHealth Campaign

Safe In Our World is a gaming industry-focused charity that provides support for game developers and has launched a new campaign to promote mental health among game development studios and other companies within the gaming space. “Safe In Our World is challenging all companies within the video games industry to unite and commit to change. The worlds we create are […]

Mixer Communities Well Worth Being Apart Of

If there is absolutely one thing that separates Amazon’s from its Microsoft brother in-law, it’s the stern focus on community within the platform. While most streams on the platform are about being positive and escaping the real world for some humor and video games, some of these streamers go above and beyond. SykoPlayz […]

Will Epic Games Replace Valve Software?

Epic Games Logo and Valve Software Logo

With the announcement of Unreal Engine 5 it beckons the question of just where Epic Games and Valve Software are going to be in the next 5 years. There is nothing better than competition between companies, for consumers that is. Steam & The Epic Games Store Steam is a monolith in the PC gaming space, […]

What is

Our Mission is a website dedicated to telling the real stories of how the interactive entertainment medium otherwise known as gaming has not only made us better people, but brought us together and impacted our lives. We accomplish this by sharing stories of people all over the world who have had their lives forever […]