Gaming Matters

The Real Impact of Gaming

TikTok Creator Gives Away Items For Wins In Games

When you are scrolling through TikTok on a Sunday afternoon the last thing you’d think to expect is usually what ends up popping up into your feed. So I was very happy to see when a Twitch streamer and TikTok creator by the name of markclarkk had been giving away items such as a baseball […]

Gaming Matters Podcast #1: Raising $1,500 for Charity ft. Faxxius

In this episode, I talk to Faxxius the greek god of streaming about community building, and fundraising for charity regarding how he has made his impact on the world through gaming and his ability to keep an audience! You can find Faxxius at

How Autism Made Me Appreciate Gaming More

Gaming to me is more than a tool to escape the world we live in. To me its a passion, something I can consistently find joy in and have formed lifelong friendships with people over. I was born on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed at 3 years old, and its made me appreciate gaming […]

Creator(s) Of The Month: ALL Mixer Streamers

As a former mixer creator, I understand the deep passion the community had for the underdog platform. The Mixer Family as it was called by many, was a special bond shared by those who had already been counted out by the larger streaming community. Creator of the Month So today I’d like to give back […]

Gaming Matters Podcast Trailer

Follow the podcast on your preferred platform, currently available on and Spotify! This is the trailer/introductory episode of the Gaming Matters podcast. The podcast will be a weekly show dedicated to showcasing the real impact gaming has had on the world through personal stories. Every week (starting soon) we will be showcasing a new […]