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The Real Impact of Gaming

PS5 and Xbox Series X Console Launches Ruined By Scalpers

In a sad display of poor character it is made obvious that the practice of buying products at full price and re-selling them at 100% or more times their market value has taken its toll on the launch of the next generation of gaming. What Is Happening? To put it bluntly, people acting in bad […]

How Autism Made Me Appreciate Gaming More

Gaming to me is more than a tool to escape the world we live in. To me its a passion, something I can consistently find joy in and have formed lifelong friendships with people over. I was born on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed at 3 years old, and its made me appreciate gaming […]

Will Epic Games Replace Valve Software?

Epic Games Logo and Valve Software Logo

With the announcement of Unreal Engine 5 it beckons the question of just where Epic Games and Valve Software are going to be in the next 5 years. There is nothing better than competition between companies, for consumers that is. Steam & The Epic Games Store Steam is a monolith in the PC gaming space, […]