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Creator of the Month: Faxxius | August 2020

Creator of the Month Faxxius

[Mature Creator Warning] August 2020’s creator of the month is Faxxius! In the very first episode of our podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to Faxxius directly via interview, and it made me realize what kind of character lies beneath that toga. Who is Faxxius? For those unaware Faxxius is known as the […]

Gaming Matters Podcast Launch!

Gaming Matters Podcast Launch

In this blog post, I will be detailing all the information you need to know regarding the Gaming Matters Podcast that is launching today! What Is This Podcast About? The Gaming Matters Podcast is a show about showcasing the impact gaming has had on people’s lives through the power of live interviews! Everyone in the […]

Announcing The Creator Of The Month

We here at love creators of all shapes, sizes, and content types within gaming. We love how so many people can be brought together under the banner of the game theorists, or the asylum, or so many other awesome communities creators have forged. That is why its our pleasure to announce the Creator of […]

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Our Mission is a website dedicated to telling the real stories of how the interactive entertainment medium otherwise known as gaming has not only made us better people, but brought us together and impacted our lives. We accomplish this by sharing stories of people all over the world who have had their lives forever […]