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The Real Impact of Gaming

As a former mixer creator, I understand the deep passion the community had for the underdog platform. The Mixer Family as it was called by many, was a special bond shared by those who had already been counted out by the larger streaming community.

Creator of the Month

So today I’d like to give back to those creators who poured hours into their craft only to be met by a deafening tweet that announced the shutdown of the platform.

A Home Away From Home

To many was a home away from home, a place to escape your day to day trials and hang out with some really cool people.

I previously highlighted some of those awesome people in my Mixer Communities Well Worth Being Apart Of post if you’d like to meet some new friends before the site goes down for good.

Mixer was the underdog platform, the platform that had the highest hopes and expectations. The platform that was “destined to beat Twitch” and made some of the boldest moves in streaming history such as buying out Ninja and Shroud.

The Shutdown

It is disheartening for many to know that the site they helped build, the creator community they fostered, will dissapear in less than a month.

Hope is still on the horizon though, as both Facebook and Twitch have been more than welcoming of their former competition’s creators.

Mixer officially partnered with Facebook Gaming to offer monetization and partnership to those who had earned it prior on Mixer, and the Twitch community has been outstanding in welcoming their brothers in blue. (The newly dubbed Twixers have seen lots of love on Twitch)

Stay Strong Mixer Fam

You’ve weathered storms before, and this is no different. Though you may be on seperate platforms now, stay connected to one another.

Lead by example and demand the kind of change you wanted to see on Mixer on your new platform of choice.

If your a streamer looking for resources or general guidance on what to do in this time I have compiled a list of resources for Mixer streamers here.

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