Gaming Matters

The Real Impact of Gaming

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This is the trailer/introductory episode of the Gaming Matters podcast.

The podcast will be a weekly show dedicated to showcasing the real impact gaming has had on the world through personal stories.

Every week (starting soon) we will be showcasing a new perspective and real-life stories about how gaming has had an impact on life.

Normally these posts would contain show notes and transcriptions for those who would rather read than listen.

This was a scripted episode so the entire script will be posted below.

Hello this is the Gaming Matters podcast of where we talk about the impact gaming has had on the world through personal stories, charity work, and economic change. I’m your host David White, lets get into it.

Every week I will invite a new perspective onto the show and talk about not only their life experiences, but how gaming and the power of play has touched their lives and maybe even their careers.

The driving force behind this family friendly podcast is a simple idea, that games matter. They matter to the millions who seek enjoyment from them each and every day. 

They matter to the men and women who make these games for others to enjoy, from a wide variety of skillsets. 

They matter to those who use gaming as a platform to help those in need, from accessibility options within games, to providing a breath of fresh air for kids and adults in hospitals who are already under intense stress.

They matter to the creators who build lasting and deep communities on streaming and content creation platforms around something they love.

They matter to all the kids who are picked on and bullied for a wide variety of reasons, who can come home to a safe environment and have fun.

This is a podcast for people who want a bright story in their feed every week about a life changed through gaming. If you know that gaming has been a force for good in our crazy world, you’ll know exactly what kind of stories I aim to tell here. 

Real stories of real people whose lives have been changed for the better because they picked up a game, made a friend, even saved a life through the power of play.

The Gaming Matters podcast is also here to destigmatize the average gamer, commonly associated with being unhealthy and toxic, we will dispel that with proof that theres more to gaming than swearing children in call of duty.

Gaming has a positive impact on so many lives, and Its my job to tell you not only how, but why. Through social and economic change, to personal life stories, the gaming matters podcast is dedicated all things gaming impact.

If you have a story to tell and want to share it with us on the show, you can go to Gaming slash contact and let us know how gaming has impacted your life. I would love to reach more people with my simple message that gaming matters.

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