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The Real Impact of Gaming

Gaming to me is more than a tool to escape the world we live in. To me its a passion, something I can consistently find joy in and have formed lifelong friendships with people over. I was born on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed at 3 years old, and its made me appreciate gaming that much more.

How Autism Affects Me

(Please note: I am not a psychologist or trained medical professional, this post does not solicit advice for discovering or helping those with ASD .)

For those of you unaware as to the real effects of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) it varies from person to person in many different ways, but there are common signs.

Which is a better symbol for autism, the puzzle piece or the ...
Autism Infinity Symbol

On my end though, it effects the way I perceive information. From how things feel on my skin, to reading social cues and facial expressions. It also makes it difficult to use executive functioning. So you’re probably wondering, why does this disability make you appreciate gaming more?

Its My “Thing”

A lot of people with ASD have a “thing” they are very interested in, some call it a passion, some an obsession, it varies from person to person. To some with ASD it could be nothing more than a vague interest in trains or airplanes.

Gaming to me is something that just fascinates me, how they’re made, their effects on people, everything about it is extremely interesting to me on a deep level. I am in love with gaming culture, from the streamers on Twitch to YouTubers to game developers far and wide.

How It Started To Now

My love for gaming started when I was probably 5 or 6 years old, I lived in a small neighborhood of close friends. Two of those friends, both being brothers, had an N64 that we would play Golden Eye 007 on. From there it blossomed into a love for interactive entertainment, with my parents getting me my own Gamecube a few years later.

Now I run this website, to showcase the real impact gaming has had on lives, I have over 350 games in my Steam library (and about 10-15 more in other PC launchers), and share a lot of my time watching gaming content on Twitch with friends and watching creators like Game Theory on YouTube.

In Closing

Autism Spectrum Disorder has given me a unique perspective on how gaming affects everyone who plays. Its given me something I can not only use as a tool for escapism, but a deeper passion that I can share with others.

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