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If there is absolutely one thing that separates Amazon’s from its Microsoft brother in-law, it’s the stern focus on community within the platform.

While most streams on the platform are about being positive and escaping the real world for some humor and video games, some of these streamers go above and beyond.


5/8/2020 SykoPlayz Charity Stream (Supporting No Kid Hungry)

Don’t let his looks fool you, hes actually a super nice guy! (and yes that is his real voice)

As a matter of fact, his looks and his whole stream “theme” are what put him on this list.

Syko’s mixer community is known as The Asylum and its an open community for anyone feeling like an outcast to hang out with a fellow insane asylum member.

This goes above a simple (and well done) theme, he promotes mental health on-stream as well as on his social media. His branding and his insanely supportive community are what rank him as one of the best the platform has to offer.

Syko and his Asylum have raised money for charity, and have created a place for those who don’t “fit in” with society.


DadGotGame is a very prominent member of the Mixer streaming community, and has been for some time.

His community is known as the Legion, and its a more traditional streaming community. The environment that DadGotGame has created is family friendly and safe for everyone to enjoy, which is a sight for sore eyes in the streaming scene.

As his name would suggest he is a father, and hes not afraid to bring it up and talk about the challenges of it in his life alongside his streaming.

He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with his community, and the Legion, in turn, is very supportive of their members and of DadGotGame.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly space to chill out and have a good time, check out DadGotGame and join the Dad Cave.


Though he may not be the largest of the bunch on this list, he certainly has the most heart put into his community.

P1nkKnight has easily one of the most supportive and genuinely positive and upbeat communities on the platform and that is a direct result of how much work P1nk has put into his community over the years of his streaming journey.

When you hit level 40 within the Mixer in-stream progression (by chatting, spending sparks/embers, and subbing/gifting subcriptions) you can be apart of his UwU gang and have your face or icon featured on his welcome scene.

If you go above and beyond for the stream, you may be able to earn a mascot slot. Something very unique to P1nk’s stream is the ability to become part of the stream, and have something drawn that represents you on his AFK scene and Welcome scene.

P1nk also takes a very active role in his discord server, and enjoys interacting with everyone and anyone.

He also deeply cares about the well being of the people within his community and has a venting channel for people going through hard times where he often provides encouragement.


If you’re a fan of retrofuturism, and mature humor than you’ll love being apart of TheOnlyTachyon’s unique streaming community.

Though the focus of his stream isnt mental health or the real struggles of life, I think you’ll have a fun time watching Tachy every time he goes live and thats partly due to the awesome and funny people that watch his content.

Tachy’s stream is very mature, and for some that’s exactly what you would want. A place where you swear without getting reprimanded and at the same time say as many dad jokes as you want!

Tachyon’s community is known as FTL (Faster Than Light) and its a great place to just hang out and be a fan of nerd culture.

From sharing memes to deep thoughts on advanced mathematics that I’ll never be able to understand (Tachy is/was a college professor in advanced mathematics and loves to bring it up on stream) to just saying that he is taking a poop, you’ll want to be in on this action.

Someone I Missed?

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