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The Real Impact of Gaming

As someone who has been using various live streaming platforms over the last 7 years (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming), I can understand the pain many Mixer creators are going through right now.

Things look bleak, starting over with a new platform, new rules to follow, new challenges to overcome.

I’m here to show you all the silver lining of what lies ahead of you, rather than remind you of the bad news you’ve all been hit with.

A Fresh Start

This is your chance to truly reinvent your brand and make a pivot to something that will resonate better with viewers.

Building a better or more cohesive brand that meshes better with your personality is vital to all creators, big or small.

You need to use the last month of Mixer’s lifespan to really consider what it is that can draw viewers attention to you, what makes you unique?

Use your time wisely, and don’t rush into starting over because you will get nowhere fast. Slow down, take a deep breath, and really think about what people like about you.

Building a brand is much more than building a stream theme, though they are linked. A brand is an identity that you take on or are already playing out.

Branding is every little detail regarding your stream/content. Its the color pallet you choose for your panels, its the logo and facial expressions you rock on stream, its the mood you put your viewers in, its everything.

I also recommend all content creators do some reading in their planning time, a good book I’ve recently discovered is Pat Flynns Superfans. Its a great book about how to grow a dedicated audience using your content.

New Platform(s)

While you think about which streaming platform to move your live content to, I also recommend all streamers look at other ways to make content and grow their audience.

YouTube and TikTok are great ways to be creative and build long-lasting content (that won’t expire like your live streams will).

Every streamer out there should not just be live streaming if they want to grow and potentially make broadcasting into a career.

Being on as many platforms as possible while still providing unique and valuable content to each platform is essential for keeping your audience as a live streamer.

You never know when the platform you champion as being the best will pull the rug out from under you, and now Mixer streamers know this all too well.

This isnt a one time thing, the landscape of content creation is going to change as it always has (remember myspace or vine?).

Being on as many platforms as possible while testing out new ones is nearly required for building and maintaining a dedicated audience for your content that will stand the test of time.

Additional Resources

I believe every creator should know how to build a brand, not just a stream setup. Its very important that you as a streamer know how to expand your content beyond twitch, facebook, or any other platform of choice.

Alpha Gaming is a great place to learn about growing on Twitch but also other platforms. There’s also Epos Vox, and Gaming Careers.

For building an audience on YouTube there are lots of fake gurus out there that could mislead you, I’ve found these creators to be the best and most accurate with their advice: Roberto Blake, Derral Eves, Nick Nimmin, and Video Creators.

In Closing

I know the Mixer community is strong and can overcome even this massive blow. Stay connected and open your mind to the new possibilities this challenge gives you.

We believe in you and want you to succeed at making the world a little happier through your entertainment, something only you can give to the world.

Stay strong Mixer fam.

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