Gaming Matters

The Real Impact of Gaming

It is so often that we hear from the news, our parents, our friends, or random strangers on the internet, that gaming does no good and only brings harm to our mental and physical well being. This Oxford University study is showing us that this is not the case!

To briefly summarize the study (I personally recommend you read into the full findings and research tactics used), they used data points from 6000 anonymous individuals who were asked a series of questions before and after playing Animal Crossing: New Horzins and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville with data collection done by Electronic Arts and Nintendo respectively.

The study claims that regulation on video games has changed over the last few years from a focus on aggressive behavior being associated with gaming, to a focus on mental and physical well being but a lack of scientific evidence has been acquired for accusations against the games industry.

“Contrary to many fears that excessive game time will lead to addiction and poor mental health, we found a small positive relation between gameplay and well-being,” the study says

The study conducted by Oxford only further proves the reason why I am so passionate about showing the good gaming does, to destigmatize the industry and everyone who enjoys playing games. Simply put, it showcases why gaming matters.

In Conclusion: A study by Oxford University showcases the good games can do in a scientific and well thought out manner. I repeat I recommend you check out the full in-depth study conducted by Oxford University here:

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